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Did you remember to turn the clocks back British Summer Time ended at 2am

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The nation got an extra hour in bed as they adjusted to the clocks moving back at 2am, which should now show up as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) rather than British Summer Time (BST). 7 Dance Performances to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend. Our guide to dance performances happening this weekend and in the week ahead. Former soldier Jordan Wylie rows solo across the world's most dangerous body of water. Cheap Online Drugstore , one of the stars of C4's Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, rowed across the pirate-infested Bab-el-Mandeb Strait from Djibouti to Yemen, on a gruelling journey that took him over 13 hours. Police arrest third man over deaths of two teenagers at Milton Keynes house party. A third man has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder at a house party in Milton Keynes, Thames Valley Police have confirmed. Pioneering one-hour laser surgery replaces two painful procedures for gallstones. Surgeons at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust are using lasers to blast away stones before taking out the gallblader in a single procedure. Editor's Choice Pictures. Our top photos from the last 24 hours. Kirk Cousins May Take a Back Seat Against the Redskins Where Friends Used to Live. On Halloween well ring doorbells, doors opening to new faces inside those houses that helped raise my children. Russian soldier, 36, dies in hospital nine days after being 'skinned alive' by mother bear. Alexey Ivanovsky, 36, was savaged by the beast in the remote Kuril islands to the north of Japan. One of his ears was torn off and his leg needed to be amputated after the attack. Why chicken sandwiches are taking over US. Months after this summer's brief but brutal fried chicken sandwich battle, rivals are diligently plotting to win the longer war. Tourists taking 'gorilla selfies' in African jungle reserves are giving the animals DEADLY diseases. Mountain gorillas inhabit forests in theDemocratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda. They are endangered, numbering at around only 1,000. All-Female Panel Will Moderate Next Democratic Debate in Georgia. Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Ashley Parker and Kristen Welker will moderate the debate. buy cheap divigel online is preparing for the event as it faces scrutiny for recent controversies. Can a Transformational Journey Change Your Life? buy prednisolone best price Had Her Doubts. Seeing the world through new eyes was the aim of a rigorously planned trip to Portugal, offered by a new breed of tour operator. It almost worked. Fire brigade has to save a man who ends up dangling by one leg from a tree. EXCLUSIVE Lowest Prices was trimming the tree in Castleton, Rochdale, when he slipped and got his leg stuck. When neighbours were unable to help him down, they called the fire brigade. Strictly Come Dancing Neil Jones and Will Bayley MISS Halloween Show with injury. Strictly Come Dancing's canadian pharmacy primolut-n began in dramatic fashion on Saturday night, as two stars were forced to pull out of the show with a knee injury. Toyota's not alone in the slow lane to self-driving cars. When Toyota Motor Corp launches its all-battery Lexus next year, the luxury model will be able to drive autonomously on highways, a big step for the Japanese automaker, which has so far trailed rivals in bringing self-driving cars to market. Boy, 14, KILLED by gunshot to neck on Queens basketball court, as person of interest is in custody. A high school freshman, 14, is killed on a Queens basketball court Saturday night. A person of interest was taken into custody by police for the Jamaica shooting. claritromicina online pharmacy is identified as Aamir Griffin. Employer Health Insurance Is Increasingly Unaffordable, Study Finds. A relentless rise in premiums and deductibles is putting insurance out of reach for many workers, especially those with low incomes. Candice Warner says husband David 'struggled to get out of bed' after his ball-tampering scandal. Candice Warner has revealed how she bounced back after the 'horrific' period her family went through following her husband David's infamous ball-tampering scandal. Boris Johnson warns that Jeremy Corbyn and Remainer MPs could block Brexit until NEXT YEAR. The Prime Minister insisted the 'country must move on' in 2020 as he said he now fears parliament's move to block Brexit 'could take us to January 31 as least'.

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